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Steve Austin, Director at Junari Ltd, business and charity growth transformation through our tailorable CRM software system JunariCRM+


I would strongly recommend Dominic as a partner who can understand a customer’s needs, select a suitable solution, and really take a lead as the customer’s champion. Dominic provided a ‘super-hero’ role when we worked together on a complex international CRM implementation with a good amount of customisation. He provided the interface between us as the software provider, and the customer on-site in the clients international HQ, delivering business analysis, change management and training with very minimal support, picking up our incredibly powerful product exceptionally deeply and quickly.

Lorna Lawrence, Quality Manager at Coventry & Warwickshire Mind


Dominic is a very positive and passionate person to work with. It is obvious that Dominic makes a real effort to get to know his clients and their needs – he is very flexible and empathic in the way he works. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again, or recommend his services to clients.

Dr Rakesh Chopra, Corporate Mentor


Dom is both passionate about business and compassionate about charity (a rare combination). He is highly ambitious and is committed to build up a successful profitable business for many people. He is a keen learner and is fully focused to develop a workable strategy before initiating a new project. His philanthropic approach while dealing with charity makes him the most sought after person.

Amy Pass, Self-employed at Pass It Over


It was refreshing to meet someone as passionate about what they do as Dominic. His knowledge and enthusiasm make him a pleasure to work with. The services Dominic provides through Conclusys would be of great value to any start-up or growing business. If you’re looking for business growth results, then look no further. Conclusys should be your next call!

Louisa Brewster, Associate Director of Operations Enable East


As the then Chair of Colchester Mind I was delighted when Dominic agreed to take over the position I had had the honour of fulfilling for a number of years. The charity has steadily grown over the years and it was a daunting task to ensure I handed the role over to an individual who will continue the progress so many have worked for. Dominic as a Trustee proved to bring a sound business head to the board, he is an excellent strategic thinker and helped us with the charities strategic plan for the coming years. It was my wish to hand over the role to an individual with both drive and a passion for ensuring the people who use the services are at the heart of all decision making at board level. This I believe we have found in Dominic, he is a hard working individual with a keen sense of humour and possesses both a professional demeanour and humanistic approach to all he does. In short, I know the charity is in safe hands for the challenges ahead and I wish he all the best

James McQuiggan, Chief Executive at Colchester Mind


Dominic is one of those people who naturally serves as an inspiring forward thinker. With a background in business management and strategy planning. Dominic brings a wealth of experience and exhibits strong interpersonal skills with a unique capacity for empathy. Those qualities help to support the ongoing development of any project that he is involved in, with a successful result guaranteed.

Stuart Hawes, Senior Software Developer at Strident Ltd


Having worked for Dominic over the past eight years I have come to know him as an inspiring and passionate leader. He is exceptionally hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic and always strives to succeed; traits which he always exudes to those around him. His stoic determination to get the job done and support others to do the same (especially when the pressure is on) have always impressed me. Dominic is a highly dynamic individual, who will do well in anything he turns his hand to. If you are looking for an example of a natural born leader who can make things happen, then look no further than Dominic.

Rosemary O’Connor, International Trade Adviser – UK Trade & Investment


Dominic is a strategic thinker, innovator and is results orientated. In addition his passion and commitment enable him to be a very effective leader.

Gill Smith, Operations Assistant at Strident Software Development


Dominic is very good at motivating those under him to bring the best out of them and will always go that extra mile to ensure everything gets done

Margo Brown


I worked on IT projects with Dominic during the course of 2012-2014. Dominic demonstrates excellent vision and he is a meticulous planner. Dom is a lead-by-example manager and a hardworking, tenacious sales professional. Dom makes time for and wholly supports his employees. Additionally he is a devoted dad and an exceptional colleague.

Tony Wilson, Business development coaching and consultancy for technology businesses


Dominic is a highly energetic, action-orientated, committed and conscientious person. He relishes a challenge. I find him to be considerate and responsive too – just the sort of qualities that one should be glad to find, in a supplier company.

Chris Eden, Director at Quality Matters Limited


Dominic is a true professional who pays attention to detail and Client Satisfaction. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

Ben Tyler, Senior Designer at Itineris Limited


Dominic is an all rounded businessman with a deep understanding of his market sector. He is highly organised, driven and is great team player, one of those rare individuals who not only has the vision but also a well thought out plan on how to realise it. We have been working with Dominic for a few years now on a number of various digital projects and I would highly recommend him.

Vincent Scholier, Teacher of science at St Martin’s school


Dominic has been an employee at strident for a number of years, working his way up to MD. This allowed him to give me very detailed support and guidance on the feasibility and practicalities of implementing an IT project. Despite being a small client, Dominic was prompt and forthcoming with help and support and my custom was genuinely valued.   I would thoroughly recommend this company and will be happy to work with them again in the future.

Jill Merle, Author of young adult books and Assessor/Tutor in STLS/CYPW/EYE


I know Dominic personally rather than in his particular profession. Over time we have had several conversations about his working life and he appears to be a great manager. He is a caring and outstanding truly equal opportunities employer. Dom has great ideas and actively looks to put them in place. I would not hesitate to recommend him in all the above mentioned areas plus, in all my dealings with him, he has been honest, trustworthy and reliable.

Michael Tyler, FD/Consultant at Conclusys and FCCA self-employed


I have had many direct business dealing with Dominic and he has always been a consummate professional business leader. His career has been built on grass roots technical expertise, customer service, marketing, people & resource management brought together with meticulous planning and intelligence to achieve innovative and outstanding results. He is loyal and conscientious and thoughtful with staff. He has become an sector expert in every industry that he has worked in.

January 19, 2014, Michael was with another company when working with Dominic at Strident Software Development Ltd.

Paul Scott, Support Analyst at Net Solutions Europe


Dominic is a focused and dedicated individual and believes passionately in what he does. He is open, direct and honest. With Dominic you know exactly where you stand and it’s a breath of fresh air to work with someone with these values.

He has encouraged me and helped me develop as a professional and I know working for Dominic I will always be learning and that learning will be enjoyable.

Georgina Hammond, Experienced & Effective Marketer


Dominic is very motivated and always strives to achieve the best for clients.

David Harrison, International Commercial Director


Dominic has proved a valuable counsellor for C.U.P down the years and can be counted upon to understand one’s business before he prescribes. A pleasure to work with as well

Robert Ally, Principal Consultant – Lynx Recruitment


I have always found Dominic to be very professional and approachable. He is an expert in his field, who is always willing to share information to add value. I would not hesitate to recommend Dominic and would be happy to work with him again in the future.

We were referred to Conclusys via a mutual contact, and were really pleased with how quickly they got in touch and learned about what we were trying to achieve.  Within a week we had received a proposal which showed a clear understanding of where we were and where we wanted to be.

Conscious of our lack of funding, the first stages outlined some very clever ways we could quickly generate more money and how to reinvest some of it in growing our company in the future.  We are now a few phases in and can truly say it’s been worth every penny so far, and we have every intention of continuing to use their invaluable services!

Graham P, London, http://cheapestcurrencies.com

I’ve been a developer for about 10 years, so I started my own company a few years ago.  I’d done okay through word of mouth and a few leads from Facebook but I knew my potential wasn’t being fulfilled.  We found Conclusys on Google and called them to see how they could help and they called us back.  So, 30 minutes later we were convinced and decided to accept their offer of a review and a report explaining their ideas.  Conclusys managed a full telemarketing campaign (which was much cheaper than I’d thought it would be) and have helped line up enough work probably for the next 6 months – now we’re working on recruiting my first employee so Conclusys have advised us on advertising the post, interviewing, training, policies, processes, employer’s liability – I’m now so confident I can achieve what I’ve always wanted and start building a proper company!

James W, Southend, Small Web development Company

After seeing the advert that was on facebook we decided to call them.

I was a little bit worried that the talk would be all business and computers so it was good to find out they could speak in normal language that makes sense for everyone.

Now it’s 3 months after calling them and I’ve got a much better website and much better facebook page and my first apprentice and more work than we can handle but we are not worried because they are still helping us so we will be able to get bigger to handle the extra work.

A very happy customer and we can recommend them very highly!

Ryan S, Essex, Gardening Services

We were sent an email for conclusys, and thought that we had nothing to lose so we just called them, but we didn’t they would be able to help, because we are not very business like!! Someone visited us to talk more, so we were really impressed that they took our business on as a project, and seemed to get everything so quickly!!  They sent us a plan, which showed us what we do now that we could do better, and gave us a lot of new ideas, and the most helpful thing is that they help us to do things and not just tell us what to do (as we don’t normally have enough time!).  We are really happy with everything that they have done for us, and just want to keep them working with us for as long as they will have us!!

Mary S-L, Norfolk, Custom crafted and niche products

Having talked about expanding our business for some time, we had lots of ideas on what we wanted to achieve, but had to admit to ourselves that we lacked the confidence and experience to execute.  We’d heard of Dominic through another nearby company he’d worked with and decided it was worth having a conversation.

It was obvious that he’d been involved in this industry for a while and also had a strong grasp on business in general.  We were literally blown away with the depth of the document Conclusys sent us within only a few days, and how clearly it was laid out.  It seemed too good to be true, but it literally was as easy as putting a tick to the suggestions we wanted to concentrate on and letting Dom handle it.

We don’t believe we could have started on such a successful route to our ambitions without Dom’s help and unanimously agree that we want to keep a long lasting relationship with Conclusys!

Andy F, Suffolk, IT Support and Services company

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