Are you out of touch now everything’s changed? Part 1

Are you out of touch now everything’s changed? Part 1

“One thing that never changes is that there will always be change”.

Thirty years ago, things were different. If you started up a business thirty years ago, your marketing strategy probably started with spreading the word in the local pub, being prominent in the Yellow Pages or local newspaper, a gaudy logo on the side of your van, a local leafletting campaign, or maybe a catchy jingle on a local radio station. And that did the job – it got the word out through all the relevant channels of the day.

Fifteen years ago, all those strategies were still effective to a point, but having your own website was becoming much more important for your younger customers to be able to find you the way they wanted to.

Nowadays it’s still about having that conversation, with the customer telling you what they need, and you explaining what your business can provide.

What’s changed?

Today it’s a different kind of conversation: as well as a chat in the pub, it’s a conversation with multiple potential customers simultaneously on social media. It’s advertising in all the right places, and knowing where those right places are. It’s supplementing phone calls with emails and straight-forward internet ordering. It’s word-of-mouth recommendations (or criticisms) at a rapid pace, which expects an immediate response (see the ‘Social Media Wheel’ for some ideas

When you are looking for a consultant, you need to know they have the knowledge and experience to take your business forward, but also have the energy and responsiveness to help you embrace the future.

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See Part 2 for more about how to choose the perfect consultant for you!

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