Quick-Wins First!

A grand strategy is great; in fact, it’s probably the safest way to reach your objectives in business, but a five year plan might not help with this year’s holiday or new car, or this month’s mortgage and bills.  That’s why we prioritise Quick-Wins for our clients…

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Most people nowadays use the internet on a regular basis, and it’s probably the least expensive and most effective way to advertise locally, regionally or even worldwide depending on your type of business!  Some businesses need a great website, some can rely on twitter, some just have an eBay shop.  Sometimes Facebook is best, sometimes LinkedIn, sometimes targeted forums.

Consider the impact of your prospective clients seeing a message about the quality of soopawidgets you supply on an Orange and White Facebook page and then go to your Blue and Yellow website to find out soopawidgets are out of stock, finally following a link to Twitter where you’ve tweeted that you don’t rate soopawidgets any more as megawidgets are better…

A consistent message across a suitable combination of online services is what works best and that’s where an online strategy is of massive benefit.

Adverts alongside Products/Services

Can you advertise within your product?  What about including a leaflet for your other services with every megawidget you deliver?  What about a new dropdown menu on your website or software product that upsells your other services and products?

This is a great way to sell more to people who you’ve already sold to and who are more likely to buy more from you!

Phone calls

Sometimes an old-fashioned phone call works wonders, but there are phone calls, and there are phone calls.  We have a great deal with an incredible telemarketing/telesales company who will learn your products and services, research your market, work with us to create great scripts, make calls at the best times, generate leads and give you regular reports at prices significantly lower than you’d expect!


Find out more about how Conclusys can design, implement and support your online strategy, source prospective client lists, assist with in-product advertising, arrange and monitor telemarketing/telesales campaigns and much more – just email us at info@conclusys.co.uk for more information!

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