Quality Control

There can be lot of complexity involved in the Operational side of your business (i.e. the things your clients don’t see), but even when there’s not, an understanding of processes and Quality Control can transform your profitability and enable quicker and safer growth.

There are lots of reasons for having a handle on some form of Quality Control, whether it’s simply refining and defining how you work or going all out to achieve ISO 9001.

Reduced costs

If you can get your monthly costs from £1,000 down to £500 a month then that’s £500 more you’re guaranteed to make each month thereafter.

Reduced risks

If you employ someone who learns the job too well, it can be very costly if they decide to leave.  Defining how to do jobs means new people can get up to speed far quicker, saving not just your time but money as well!

Prime examples…

Whether you like their food or not, consider how McDonald’s works.

Consistency isn’t an issue.  Whether it’s McDonald’s in Turkey, Texas or Essex you expect the same food, the same service.  They have processes that run the business.  They’ve removed as many risks as possible and solved problems so each branch follows the system.

Staff turnover isn’t an issue.  They don’t recruit the most skilled people they can, they design their systems so that the least skilled people can do the job.  They’re not necessarily unskilled, but McDonald’s don’t rely on them having any specialist skills – if two people decide to leave on the same day they recruit more.

Do systems always apply?

You or your staff might need to be creative.  Designers, decorators, painters, gardeners, musicians, actors – even Business Support and Growth companies (ahem…).  That’s okay – they can still follow guides and processes as those processes support their creativity!

How do I save money and reduce my risks?

Other than the general principles above, it varies from business to business.  Email us at info@conclusys.co.uk and find out how we can help!

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