4 – Managing Software Delivery And After Care

There’s lots to a successful software project, read how we’re able to support you during and after the project…


Project Management

Creating a realistic project plan that both you and the supplier agree to is critical, and managing the project to that plan is difficult without being able to interpret the evidence given by the software provider.  Fortunately, our experience with software means that we can do this on your behalf – and at no extra cost because our time comes out of the software providers oft built-in fees for project management!



Poor communication is the most common reasons for the failure of software projects being delivered on time, on budget and as per a business’ requirements.  We take the hassle away by managing the software company, liaising between you and them when needed, and providing you with regular reports and feedback.



There are numerous types of testing required before software should be used live: Security Testing; Unit Testing; Integration Testing; System Testing; Load Testing and more, but the testing we’re most concerned with is that which makes it work for your business, so called End-to End Testing and Usability Testing and we can carry this out initially on your behalf saving you enormous amounts of time.


Going Live

Coordinating a Go-Live can be complicated – deciding the best date, migrating from and decommissioning old systems effectively.  Get it wrong and it could have a serious effect on your business.  We know what’s involved and can manage this process for you.



Having learned all about your business, the language of your industry and being involved in the software development and testing means that we’re perfectly placed to deliver training to your staff!



We’re able to remain involved in the project after initial delivery, with future phases, ongoing training and whatever else you need.  And while rare, you can benefit from our experience should any disagreements arise between you and your software provider!

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