3 – Systems Selection


Approved Suppliers And Other Suppliers

We maintain great relationships with as many software providers as possible to give us the broadest choice, and negotiating preferential terms and rates so we can pass those onto you.

Putting The Project Out To Tender

As we’ve created the document independently of any specific supplier, we are able to put it out to tender on your behalf, but the document is yours – so you are welcome to get an independent .  We do not reveal the suppliers that we send documents out to until the time of selection, although we’re happy for you to provide us with a list of any suppliers you specifically would or would not like us to deal with.

Guiding You Through Supplier Selection

We speak Tech as well as we speak Business so we can guide you through supplier proposals to our project, and consider not just their submission but also their:

  • Industry Knowledge, if applicable
  • Current Technical Skills and Products
  • Evidence, including: Demos, Case Studies, Testimonials
  • Pricing, including: Initial, Ongoing and Other Fees
  • After-care, including: Technical Support and Average/Target Response/Fix Times, Backup and Recovery Strategy, Reliability of Service etc.
  • Guarantee of Continued Service, including: Escrow Deposit offering and release clause, Continuity Plans in the event of discontinued trading

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