2 – Gather Requirements

Gathering Requirements

Gathering requirements is normally an iterative process, so we try and plan it as carefully as possible to not take up more time than it needs to, by taking responsibility of coordinating members of the project team’s preparation and availability.

The key to being able to gather requirements is using your language, and asking the right questions, and most importantly we need to know what you’d like to achieve from excellent putting software in place so we can determine what’s a priority – what makes it into Phase 1 and what can wait!


Assembling And Linking Information

Using the map of your business and the requirements we’ve gathered we start creating a more detailed report of how it all fits together, what, how and how often your teams communicate with each other, so we can start producing a Specification Document.


Specification Document Draft

Until this stage we haven’t suggested specific solutions and have focused on capturing your requirements, so strictly speaking our documentation is forming an RFP (Request For Proposal).  However, using our extensive knowledge of how software works and what’s available we can start adding our best ideas for how software could work.  We do this before supplier selection so that key parts are designed around your needs and not a supplier’s suggestions!


Benefits To Supplier Selection

The main benefit of our report being created before supplier selection is that choice is made based on the solution you need rather than one being proposed based on the chosen supplier’s current products and/or skills.

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