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Companies that have grown in the past 20 years often endure separate, unlinked systems: a physical order book; spreadsheets; whiteboards; Access databases; Google Contacts; Microsoft Outlook emails; an online HR system.

Here are some reasons unlinked, inappropriate or lack of software costs money and can cause a multitude of issues and inefficiencies, such as:

  • Slow response times and inconsistent service to clients
  • Additional costs of frustrated staff doing computational work far slower than… computers!
  • Duplicate information
  • Incorrectly-entered information
  • Higher-level staff spending time on less-skilled jobs
  • Security breaches/lack of confidentiality
  • Complex processes to obtain simple reports that would enable better decisions
  • Poor communication between individuals and teams
  • No easy way to establish bottlenecks across multiple departments
  • Barriers to changing processes due to the potential impact and often not even knowing what that impact will be!
  • Lack of scalability

Aside from all this – the most successful competition for most companies will almost certainly be running efficiently, and very likely making good use of technology to do so. To get ahead, or even keep up – businesses must make software work for them.

Humans and computers are obviously good at different things – there’s no doubt that the right software can make computers work to the benefit of people and businesses.

However… the entire process is very complex and prone to very common failure, of getting from
(a) a disconnected businesses that’s evolved and has no/few mapped processes, different personalities, different departments, to
(z) one with software that genuinely makes things more cost efficient, more time-efficient and ultimately: more profitable!
There are many steps between (a) and (z) – and businesses often get pushed a route dictated by whichever supplier sells best.

We separate out the oft-missed but highly recommend stages of business process mapping, requirements gathering, suggesting solutions – before supplier selection, and then communicate with suppliers on your behalf – initially during the supplier selection phase and then during the selected supplier’s development and even after that.


We work on your behalf to simplify the (a) to (z) process!

Aside from obvious benefits – Conclusys nurture good relationships with a range of software suppliers, enabling us to pass on discounted rates and even absorb some or all of our costs.

Unlikely as it is, if you want to take our report away then you’re not tied to us. The requirements document we produce is written in such a language that both you and a software provider can understand and as it belongs to you, you can put it out to tender yourself if you want!


How do we get started?

We prefer face-to-face when possible, so we’ll visit you for free unless you’re too far away – in which case let’s Skype!. During this initial chat we’ll determine whether we can help and may be able to provide an estimate as to the time (of yours and ours) and cost potentially involved getting a document ready to put out to tender.


So in Summary…

Our customers benefit from the most appropriate systems, delivered by the best suppliers, with significantly less hassle and risk, and possibly even less cost!


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