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Behold the uprising of Virtual Assistants!  Wikipedia states that there are between 5,000 – 25,000 VAs worldwide, but we suspect there are many more, and there just don’t seem to be too many great systems to support them supporting their clients with their clients’ clients!

It’s obviously far easier to get and retain new clients if you can offer them more than they expect, so welcome to a special Virtual Assistants CRM just for you. As a Virtual Assistant we think you’ll find just what you need: a value-for-money CRM with all the relevant features presented in a simple way to help you run your growing business.

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but the Virtual Assistant CRM offers you much more than that.  Our CRM handles most of your business needs. It helps you to be organised and efficient, automating tasks, reducing duplicates and the chance of errors, linking everything together in one place, managing all the things you need to do for your own business as well as for your clients…and much more!

Virtual assistants workstation

We don’t like to boast, but here are some of the comments so far…

  • It is really amazing!
  • Could not do without this
  • This is precisely what was needed – Zoho looked too clunky, AgileCRM was too simple, Infusionsoft would have been too expensive with their ‘personalisation’ service, Excel is not flexible enough and Trello and Asana seem designed with projects in mind
  • Where was this when I started out!?!?
  • Never thought I would be managing two Virtual Assistants myself – the CRM is exceptional.

I’m interested.  Tell me more…


    • Manage clients of your business and manage your clients’ clients too – easily store, find and update any information.
    • Manage your contracts and your clients’ contracts.  Setup automatic tasks like reminders when contracts are near expiry.
    • Manage tasks, calls, calendar/meetings for you, your clients and even other Virtual Assistant’s that you’ve added to your Virtual Assistant CRM.
    • Sales features such as Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns and Target lists.
    • *Quote and Invoice templates for you/your clients. Quickly convert Quotes to Invoices or Contracts.
    • *Reports on anything in the system.
    • Choose the Appearance of your Virtual Assistant CRM, and let your clients do the same.
    • Install the Free Mobile App (available on Apple and Android devices) to access and update certain information or even directly call your clients, and use any web browser on any internet-connected device for full access, whether that’s your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Let’s just say you have three clients of your Virtual Assistant business: a heating engineer, an accountant and a plumber, each with their own own clients.  Here’s how the Virtual Assistant CRM would make your life easier…

  • The heating engineer wants you to take incoming calls and manage his calendar, booking and rescheduling his appointments within agreed times. He wants to access his calendar on his mobile phone and laptop so he knows where he’s going each day. He also wants reminders for 11 months time when it’s a boiler service so you or he can contact them to remind them the next one is due.
  • The accountant needs you to store his contracts, and organise the timings of VAT returns and payroll for his various clients.
  • The plumber simply needs to you take his calls, and book jobs for him – easy with the Virtual Assistant CRM.

    • You can access the Virtual Assistant CRM from any internet-connected device with a web browser, or from the free mobile app. Simply browse to the dedicated web address for your Virtual Assistant CRM and login with your username and password.  To make your job even easier and quicker, most browser software supports adding bookmarks/favourite web addresses and remembers your login details too.
    • As a Virtual Assistant, you’ll have access to all the parts of the Virtual Assistant CRM you need.  You’ll be able to manage all your clients’ needs from one place.  You can even add other Virtual Assistants to your CRM!

    • Included in your package, are the setup of 3 of your clients in the Virtual Assistant CRM.  They’ll be able to login as you do using their own usernames and passwords, and just access their own information.  There’s no limit to how many clients you can manage with your Virtual Assistant CRM, so if you need more than 3 then we can set them up for you quickly for a small one-off fee and a small monthly fee. You could even add a login for your Virtual Assistant CRM on your website.

    • For your and your clients’ reassurance, you can rely on secure web-hosting and secure access via an SSL certificate.  This means you use https:// rather than http:// and the browser shows the padlock icon.


  • Super-fast access, excellent security, and guaranteed 99.9% uptime…actually, none of our CRMs have ever not been up!  We host all CRMs at a datacentre in the UK, using our award-winning hosting partner.
  • Benefit regularly from improved and new features – our system is built on an OpenSource system that’s being developed all the time.

Can I manage other Virtual Assistants?

Imagine building your business by sub-contracting or employing other Virtual Assistants?  That’s easy with the Virtual Assistant CRM, we can give them access too so you can share information, delegate and monitor tasks, calendar appointments – and much more!

How much will it cost me?

  • There is an initial, one-off fixed-fee of £120, this covers:

    • Setup of your own dedicated web address, e.g.
    • Setup of your own brilliant Virtual Assistant CRM, used and loved by Virtual Assistants!
    • Setup of you as a Virtual Assistant user and setup of 3 of your clients … you simply email us their name, company name (if applicable), email address and password. We’ll email you once your clients are setup, and you can email them their Virtual Assistant CRM access details directly as soon as you’re ready.
  • There is also a small monthly fee of £25 which covers:

  • The hosting of your Virtual Assistant CRM, hosted in the UK with our award-winning hosting provider.
  • Access to your Virtual Assistant CRM from the free mobile app available for iOS or Android.
  • If you’d like to manage more than 3 of your clients with your Virtual Assistant CRM:

    • A one-off fixed-fee of just £15 + VAT to setup each additional client … all you have to do is provide us with the same information as your first 3 clients: name, company name (if applicable), email address and password.
    • A monthly fee of just £2 + VAT per each client (only for 4 or more clients).
  • Top tip: Some of our Virtual Assistants have started charging their clients a small monthly fee for the added value of their information being available online.  It’s great service for them and can easily cover the cost of your Virtual Assistant CRM.
  • Note that setup, configuration or implementation of any items on this page marked with * may be subject to a fee.

How else can you help me?

There’s many more ways we can help you, whether you’re new to the system or have been using it for a while.

  • You can send us data your to import, if you already have it, e.g. from Outlook or Excel spreadsheets or even another CRM!
  • You can arrange remote training with us on the Virtual Assistant CRM, although we recommend you check our CRM Guides first
  • You can request a new feature for your Virtual Assistant CRM. Oh, and if we think it’s a good enough idea that will benefit other Virtual Assistants then you may even get it for FREE!

Ok, what’s next?

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